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Want a Valentine’s Day with memories that will linger longer than smoke in the air? How about an adventure that intertwines a shared love for cannabis and the paradise home we call Hawai’i. Here are some ideas from us at Aloha Green on how to incorporate more greens into your special day with your 329 loved one. Just remember, while we want all our patients to have a great time, everyone has different tolerances to cannabis, so when you are medicating always start at a low dose and go slow before you increase.


Preparation is key to success:

If your partner is a cannabis enthusiast, it’s essential to plan ahead to ensure everything goes smoothly. Consider visiting your nearby dispensary to stock up on supplies for the perfect Valentine’s Day celebration. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not try your hand at baking? If Infused Brownies are on your menu, we’ve got some helpful tips to guarantee a delightful Valentine’s Day treat.

Measurement Guide for Using THC Infused Vegetable Oil



Tips and Tricks

You do not need to use your full bottle of THC Vegetable oil! Feel free to mix it with your standard cooking oil to lessen the potency of the oil. In this case, you can use the same calculations as the 1/3 cup size, but replace the red circle with how many ml of THC oil you decide to use. (Google can easily convert ml to cups)

We recommend starting with a low dose (1mg or less) and waiting an hour before taking more to find the right amount. Mix well to achieve uniform dosage. THC, when eaten, is metabolized by the liver and results in a longer onset and more intense effects. If you feel you consumed too much, remain calm and hydrated.

This recipe uses THC Infused Oil! If you have leftovers don’t forget to label your brownies and keep them away from kids, pets, and non 329 Patients!




Cannabis Infused Brownie

Wake Up to Love and Laughter

Begin your Valentine’s Day with a positive twist! What’s more romantic than starting the day with a burst of happiness, positivity and a shared joint? We suggest Super Lemon Haze Flower for it’s uplifting bright effects or opt for the popular energy inducing strain: Chocolope.

Chocolope S

Breakfast of Romance

Whether you opt for Avocado Egg toast with or without a drizzle of THC Oil, let your breakfast set the stage for a day filled with romantic adventures. Don’t forget, if you are infusing, check your labels for how many mg of THC there are per teaspoon. The day has just begun and you don’t want to make the rookie mistake of over indulging.

High in Love

Since you are both probably properly medicated by now, take a break and immerse yourself (safely) in the beauty of Hawai’i. Go on a scenic hike, bask in the sun at the beach, catch some waves while surfing, or simply enjoy a leisurely walk with your loved one and furry friends. Here’s a list of the easiest trail hikes on Oahu.

Scenic Beaches of Hawaii

Tropical Afternoon Indulgence

After your Hawai’i escapades, crack open a Tiny Bubbles Tropical. You’ve earned a drink, and the 1:1 CBD to THC will soothe those tired muscles, ensuring you’re ready for the next romantic endeavor. Imagine sipping on this tropical delight, feeling the island breeze, and sharing moments of bliss with your partner. Click here to learn more about our Tiny Bubbles Drinks or other ways to infuse your edibles.

Tiny Bubbles Drinks

Mid-Day Strain Delight

Why not have a mid day delight? Pineapple Breeze is the recommended strain that won’t leave you too tired, allowing you to fully enjoy the magic of Valentine’s Day. Go ahead, savor the sweet moments. Roll a joint of Pineapple Breeze and let the tropical aroma complement your intimate moments. Enjoy a sunset and be happy!

Pineapple Breeze at Aloha Green Apothecary

Evening Elegance with Aloha Mist

As the night approaches, perhaps you both are ready to venture out again? Reach for Aloha Mist. This discreet spray, fitting perfectly in your purse or pocket, is your ticket to a romantic evening. A quick spray into your mouth, and you’re ready for wherever the night takes you. It’s discreet, does not smell and quick and easy to medicate.

Soothe and Relax

After making it safely back at home and a nice hot shower, indulge in a THC-infused massage with our Muscle Gel. Here are some massage tips perfect for the perfect date night. 

THC-Infused Massage Gel

Sweet Dreams with Hash

For an unforgettable conclusion to your cannabis-infused valentines, consider ending the evening with a touch of hash. Renowned for its robust potency, hash can elevate the experience, providing a soothing and relaxing vibe for the end of the night. To enhance the flavor profile, we recommend combining it with Skywalker Kush, a strain known for its relaxing effects. This combination is sure to add an extra layer of enjoyment to your memorable night together.

You’re welcome!