I am new to the area and wanted to know if you also provided for recreational usage as well as medical.
Currently, Hawaii is a medical use only state.
Do I need an appointment to come into the dispensary?

No appointment is necessary. Our hours are 10:30 to 7:00 pm seven days a week. We are closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Be sure to check our social media for any updates we might have on special events. 

Do you accept credit cards?
Because cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 Drug and illegal on the Federal level, banking laws undermine the use of credit cards to purchase medical cannabis. Currently, debit cards, cash, and CanPay are forms of payment we do accept.
What should I bring with me on my first visit to Aloha Green?

There is no membership fee to shop at Aloha Green! We do require all patients to be medical cannabis patients with a valid State of Hawaii 329 or 329V Medical Cannabis Registration card, and a valid U.S. State Driver’s license, U.S. State I.D. or Passport. Patients under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a registered caregiver.

If you want to save yourself some time, you can complete our Patient Intake Form before you come in. Download and fill it out prior to your visit. We will need a printed copy. Bring it in with your valid ID and 329 card to our Waikiki, King St., or Herb House - Airport Location. It will save you some time, but you can also fill it out when you come to the dispensary.

What is the current Hawaii Medical Marijuana purchase limit?
Each medical cannabis patient has a limit of purchasing 4 ounces or 113.4 grams of cannabis flower every 15 days. The 15-day count starts when a patient first buys cannabis from a Hawaiian dispensary. Each patient’s account limit is reset to 113.4 grams by the Hawaii State Health Department when the individual patients 15-day period has elapsed. When a patient makes a medical cannabis purchase at any dispensary in Hawaii, the amount they buy in grams is subtracted from their current limit. Patients can only purchase cannabis up to their 113.4-gram limit. If they try to go past that in a 15-day period, the sale will be stopped by the account limit monitor.

When we complete a transaction with a patient, we print out on the patient’s receipt their current limit resulting from the previous transaction. This way if a patient wants to know what their current limit is, they can check their last receipt.

I just got my 329 card and was hoping to talk with someone about what might help me. Are you able to provide a consultation?

Yes. Cannabis Consultations are available by appointment only at our Waikiki, King St. and Herb House dispensaries Wednesday 11:00 – 4:30, and Saturdays 11:00 - 4:30 pm. Email aaron@agapoth.com or call 808 368-9289 to schedule a session. Please complete the on-line waiver prior to your meeting.

We also have a few questions you need to answer by email before we meet:

  • Are you new to cannabis?
  • Have you used any medical cannabis products before? What kind? Did these products help?
  • What condition/symptoms were you looking to get help with?
  • What kind of outcome were you looking to achieve? Better sleep, pain relief, improved movement, mental health assistance or something else?
  • Did you discuss what cannabis products could be most helpful for you with your 329-health care provider?
If I am a caregiver to someone, are they required to be with me for their first visit to Aloha Green?

If you are a caregiver listed on the patient's 329 card, the patient does not need to come down with you. You both will need to complete our Patient Registration Form that you can download HERE.  List the patients name with you as the Caregiver.  Bring both forms in with you and your father’s valid ID and 329 card to our Waikiki, King St., or Herb House Airport.

If you are unable to access the Patient Intake Form prior to your first visit, you can also fill out an intake form when you come to the dispensary as his caregiver. Please note that we will need to have a Patient Intake Form signed by your father, we will ask you to take a registration form home for him to complete, upon which you can return on your next visit.

As his Caregiver, we recommend you shop for your father especially if he has difficulty making it in on his own or him being here poses a risk to his health.

Can an out of state patient purchase cannabis products in Hawaii?

Yes, the Hawaii State Department of Health Medical Cannabis Registry does extend reciprocity to Out-of-State Medical cannabis patients from any U.S. state/territory or the district of Columbia. Please go to the Hawaii State Health Department Medical Cannabis registry at medmj.ehawaii.gov to view all of the program rules, restrictions, and the online process on how to apply for a 329 Visitor’s card. There is an “Out-of-State (OSP) Patient Video Tutorial” and an “Out-Of-State (OSP) Patient Checklist and FAQ’s” to help you get started. The updated website has links and information that make it easy to apply.