Discover Aloha Rewards and Elevate Your Hawaii Cannabis Experience

Click on this image to register or view your Aloha Rewards.

We are excited to introduce our brand-new Aloha Rewards program. Click here to easily view your points balance and explore the exciting deals unlocked by your rewards. A phone number or email will be needed to join.



Q: What are Aloha Reward points?

A: Aloha Green Apothecary’s Aloha Rewards program is here to encourage you to explore various medicinal options. Patients earn 1 Aloha Reward point for every pre-tax dollar you spend. These Aloha Rewards points have the exciting potential to unlock a wide array of heavily discounted cannabis medicines.

Q: How can I see my points and what is available? 

A: Click the link above to register and view your loyalty points.  If you do not want to register, feel free to ask your Patient Consultants at Aloha Green for your point information.

Q: How do I redeem points?

A: If you have enough points to redeem for any of the deals, please inform your Patient Consultant during checkout. They will deduct the points for your chosen deals at that time.

Q: What happens if I login and don’t see my points?

A: The points are linked to the phone number provided at your initial registration, if you have logged into loyalty and are not able to see any points, then click the profile button and add in both their email and phone number.

Q: Will my Reward Points Expire?

A:  Reward Points will expire 1 year after your last purchase.

Q: Do you have someone to contact for support?

A: Please feel free to email us at, and we would gladly help you with any questions or concerns.