At Aloha Green Apothecary, we are always asked the question “Where are the edibles”?  The truth is… we don’t know!  While our medical cannabis industry in Hawaii is rapidly growing, we still rely on the guidance from Hawaii’s Department of Health to properly regulate THC infused medicine AND continue to make sure it’s safe for our patients.

Click here to watch Cannabis Grinds Volume 1

Click here to watch Aloha Green Apothecary’s Cannabis Grinds Volume 1: Cannabis Infused Tea

While we wait for the day to come, our Cannabis Knowledge Coordinator, Aaron, has put together a comprehensive guide towards making your own properly dosed cannabis infused tea.  In this video, you will learn the basics on what you need to do to to accurately prep your cured dispensary flower for infusion and how to customize your own THC infused cannabis tea.  Equally important, you will learn how to calculate the potency of your tea and how you can pair it with different foods that may already be in your kitchen to enhance your medication session.  Cannabis tea is the easiest way to infuse THC into something ingestible.  Once you get the basics towards infusion you can easily learn to infuse a lot of different ingredients and get creative.

For advanced users, check out our detailed cannabis cheat sheets below, on how to infuse, and properly measure THC oil and butter at home.

Advanced Guide to THC Potency Calculation in Edibles Advanced Guide to Cannabis Decarboxylation


Although we currently don’t sell any traditional cannabis edibles, Aloha Green Apothecary sells already infused THC Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil.  Our infused oils are already calculated for potency and ready for use.  For patients who are just beginning their journey with THC infused edibles, we recommend tracking your intake with a potency chart and medicating session log.  See links below for or education worksheets on medicating with THC.


How to calculate THC in AGA’s Tinctures and RSO Sample patient log for medicating sessions