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Certifying Medical Professionals on Oahu

The 329 Hawaii Medical Cannabis Card requires certification from a physician or APRN. Please contact a medical professional to set up an appointment or to get more information. Once you receive your card, visit the dispensary for a free gift with your first purchase!

Advance Practice

Stacy Kracher, PMHNP-BC, APRN-RX

Area: Downtown & Home Visits
Specialty: Psychiatric, Family

Akamai Cannabis

Clifton Otto, MD

Area: Kaimuki
Specialty: Cancer, Glaucoma, Pain

B Wellness Services

Brendon Friedman, DNP, APRN-RX, FNP-BC

Area: University
Specialty: General Practice, All Ages


Ivy Lou Hibbitt, APRN-RX, FNP-C

Area: Maui
Specialty: Pain, Seizures

Effective Change

LaRae Barns, APRN
Sulcan Cauley, MD

Area: Ala Moana
Specialty: LGBTQ, PTSD

Green Wave Medical

Victoria Habibi, APRN

Area: Aiea
Specialty: Chronic Severe Pain

Hawaii Care Clinic

Aure Kraemer DNP, FNP-BC, APRN-RX

Area: Ala Moana, Waikiki
Specialty: Family Medicine
Hawaii Care Clinic

Hawaii Women’s Clinic

Bradley Sakaguchi MD, MBA
Alyssa Mika, Medical Cannabis Coordinator

Area: Ala Moana
Specialty: Women’s health, Chronic illnesses

Hemptuary Hawaii


Area: Waikiki
Specialty: Cannabis Treatment

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Honolulu Wellness Center

Michael Pasquale, DO
Farzad Pourarian, DO

Area: Restaurant Row
Specialty: Pain, Cancer, Seizures

The Lavender Center & Clinic

Samuel Hawk, DO
Naomi Burr, MD

Area: Makiki
Specialty: LGBTQI

Maehara Eye Surgery & Laser

Jeffrey Maehara, MD

Area: Ala Moana
Specialty: Ophthalmology, Functional Medicine

Malie Cannabis Clinic

Me Fuimaono-Poe, FNP-BC

Area: Makiki
Specialty: Pain, Women/Children, LGBTQ

Medical Marijuana Hawaii

Kenneth Chang, MD

Area: Hawaii Kai
Specialty: Ophthalmology

Mended Minds Hawaii

Thomas Cook, MD
Mathew Barnett, MD
Laine Guillot, APRN

Area: Ala Moana
Specialty: Mood Disorders, Anxiety and Chronic Stress, Veterans

Mind & Body Works

David E. Roth, MD

Area: Diamond Head
Specialty: Adult/Pediatric Epilepsy, Pain

Oahu 329 Medical Consulting

Benjamin Anderson, MD

Specialty: 329 renewals only for patients of Kupono Ola Pono

Palaau Consulting

Edward B. Christenson, MD

Area: Downtown
Specialty: Pain, All Ages

Dr. Richard Podolny

Richard Podolny, MD

Area: Downtown
Specialty: Family Medicine

Dr. Stephen Wilson

Stephen James Wilson, MD

Area: Makiki
Specialty: General Practice

Additional Information

Hawaii’s Laws

Medical cannabis cannot be consumed in any moving vehicle, on any school grounds, or in any public space including parks or beaches. Do NOT get on a plane with cannabis! Cannabis cannot be transported inter-island or between international or state lines – even if you have a 329 card. Learn more on the DOH site about restrictions.

Hawaii’s Laws
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Individuals who are unable grow or obtain medical cannabis on their own can designate a caregiver. While caregivers do not need to register separately, they must be identified on the patient’s application and receive a 329 Caregiver Card. This card is necessary to enter a dispensary on behalf of the patient. To learn more, visit the DOH site about caregivers.


Minors younger than 18 can be certified for the 329 or 329V Card as long as a parent or guardian is also registered as the caregiver. Minors must also be accompanied by their registered caregiver when entering a dispensary. 329 Cards and IDs are required for both individuals. Find out more on the DOH site about minor patients.

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