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Summertime in Hawaii means getting out of your house and enjoying our beautiful state.  With Covid restrictions slowly easing up, we can finally breathe fresh air and get out of our house!  Whether it’s a full day at the beach, or exploring hidden hiking trails, it’s important to pay attention to the largest organ in your body.. your skin!  Over exposure to the sun, too much time in the pool, and even too much air conditioning can lead to dry, itchy, flakey skin. Don’t let your skin ruin your summer plans!  Here are some tips to help you have the greatest summer ever:

–  Hydrate, hydrate hydrate!  This should be a year round activity!  In the summertime you are sweating a little extra, which means losing important fluids in your body.  Avoid dehydration and keep a reusable water bottle on you all the time!

Wear your sunscreen and follow the directions.  There’s nothing worse than coming home from the best day at the beach, and suffering all night long from being sunburnt.   It’s the easiest thing to do to prevent a night of uncomfortable pain.   Do your part in protecting the earth and make sure to purchase only reef safe sunscreen!

Moisturize immediately after showering!  After taking a shower, your skin is still well moisturized.  Using a lotion immediately after a shower can help to trap that water, and keep your skin hydrated.

As the first local dispensary on the island of Oahu, we understand the damages Hawaii weather can do to your body.  With our friends and family as inspiration, we whipped together the perfect moisturizer to help you get through this summer with less pain!  Nourish your skin with AGApoth’s Moisturizing Lotion, an all-natural combination of anti-inflammatories, antioxidants, and soothing tropical aromas – Mango/Hibiscus and Hawaiian Sandalwood.  This lotion has 500mg of CBD, which studies suggest helps to relieve pain, educe inflammation, and smooth inflamed skin.  Now on sale for $25.   Ask your PC how you can have the best summer ever!