Aloha Green is proud to partner with Sana Packaging to introduce our new 100% reclaimed ocean plastic topicals packaging. Sana Packaging is a cannabis industry leader as a sustainable packaging brand that designs and develops cannabis packaging for a circular economy using 100% ocean-bound reclaimed ocean plastic, and other innovative materials. As earth lovers ourselves, we jumped at any opportunity to continue to keep within the regulations of the Department of Health, but also do our part in keeping Hawaii green!

Sana products are made in the USA and are sourced from ocean plastic that would usually be bound for the ocean. They partner with Oceanworks to verify that they are sourcing pure materials. Their commitment is to protect our planet’s most fragile ecosystems. We are so proud to say that because of our switch to Sana Packaging, we have successfully removed over 320 lbs of plastic from our oceans!

Being an island surrounded by only ocean, we have to protect our natural resources for ourselves and for our future generations. Working with Sana Packaging is one more step towards our commitment to the environment. We encourage you as consumers to continue to educate yourselves on what type of packaging the items you purchase are made out of. Single-use plastics are killing our oceans and the majestic creatures that call them their homes. While there are many factors that keep us from being 100% eco-friendly, we vow to continue to march towards that goal with Hawaii in our minds.