We are thrilled to partner with local farm and tea processor out of Wahiawa Hawaii, Kilani Brew, to collaborate and create our second Tiny Bubbles cannabis drink flavor: Plantation Mamaki Tea!

Mamaki tea is a refreshing, smooth and earthy herbal tea made from the leaves of the Mamaki plant, which is native to Hawaii. We chose this tea as it has been successfully used on our islands for centuries before us in lāʻau lapaʻau, traditional Hawaiian medicinal practices.  Modern Hawaii mamaki tea at Kilani Brew is sold as a loose leaf, which is carefully handpicked and processed in house.  Today, with the wisdom from our ancestors, Hawai’i consumers can experience great health benefits of mamaki such as stress reduction, digestion improvement and lowered blood pressure.

Watch Kilani Brew emphasize the importance of consuming native plants and getting to know their cultural significance on our islands

Kilani Brew focuses predominantly on the growing and production of premium Mamaki tea.  They have the same mindset as we do at Aloha Green: high-quality grown locally products. This dedication to top standards Mamaki is one of the reasons we decided to partner with them.  This home grown mantra ensures proper care and freshness for both the Mamaki tea and our cannabis. With a name (Kilani) meaning “heavenly tea”, how could you not want to sample!

Mamaki’s traditional healing properties make it a perfect pairing with our Hawaii grown cannabis and increased demand from our AGApoth ‘Ohana to bring more flavors to our Tiny Bubbles line. The mamaki tea base itself possesses a nutty, earthy flavor with herbal after notes. We added in some pineapple and peach flavor for simple sweetness to complement the light earthy flavor of the mamaki tea and cannabis.  This limited edition flavor has a 2:1 (6.4 CBD: 3.8 THC) ratio. With twice the amount of CBD, this ratio was made with the intentions of creating relaxing sedative effects for the perfect pau hana beverage.

As with all medicine at Aloha Green, we recommend to choose a low dose that you are comfortable with and work your way up to a level that you enjoy. This might mean taking a few sips of tea, then leaving the beverage aside, until you are comfortable.  If you have any questions ask your AGA Patient Consultant!

We are so happy to be working with Kilani Brew as their dedication to nurturing their plants in Hawai’i and producing high-quality products aligns with our values here at Aloha Green. We are excited to blend together two Hawaii grown plants, cannabis and mamaki, to help provide a healthy new option to medicate.

Looking for some unmedicated locally grown and processed tea to send to your ‘ohana near and far from Hawai’i?  Check our Kilani Brew’s page here: