What is Shatter?

Shatter is a type of cannabis concentrate with a name that refers to a glass-like appearance that can be ‘shattered’ into smaller, easy to control potent, concentrate pieces. It is one of the many types of concentrate textures that exist. Here at Aloha Green we offer the largest selection of top tier concentrates on the island of Oahu. For shatter, the process starts with our own locally grown strain-specific flower that is put through advanced processing techniques using Co2 to remove residual solvents, fats, and lipids from the cannabis oil.

How Can I Medicate?

Easy ways to medicate shatter is through using a hand held vaporizer pen (found at many paraphernalia shops). Advanced users use a dab rig and a heat source to heat a portion of the rig called the nail to an appropriate temperature. Shatter is then dropped into the heated nail which causes vaporization.

Always feel free to ask your knowledgeable Patient Consultant at Aloha Green’s dispensaries for more information on how to safely medicate using cannabis concentrates. Trying to find the best shatter strain for your needs? Lab tests are available upon request at all three of our locations!