In 2017, Aloha Green was given the special opportunity to open its doors as the first medical cannabis dispensary on Oahu. As we planted our roots down in the cannabis community and became leaders in a brand-new industry, we made a promise to lead with our actions, and keep our goals as the reason we continue to work hard.  


We owe everything to a plant. Cannabis comes from the earth and gives us our medicine, jobs, clothes, therapy, pain relief, etc. When the earth provides us with such a gift, we have to make sure to intentionally think about our choices to not create so much waste and use up our resources. At our dispensary, we have researched and worked with companies both locally and internationally who are leading the industry in sustainable child-resistant packaging. With the price, we pay to live in paradise, it’s always an ongoing battle between the cost of sustainable packaging, and how that will affect the prices of our medicine being sold to our kupuna, family members, and friends.   


Fortunately, over the years, we got a little smarter and become more efficient. While our dispensary team was busy searching the world for sustainable options, our farmers found their own way of giving back, by not just improving their output and productivity but by ridding the use of plastic pots completely.  


Aloha plastic pots! It wastes a lot of water to clean them out anyway. Insert the new and improved Cube System by Batch 64! A special customized blend for our growth is compressed into brick-sized cubes and rests in a reusable ½ – 3-gallon fabric bag. Imagine how many fewer trips to the hardware store that is! Not to mention we’ve cut down on the space that the dirt usually takes up on the side making more room and just being more efficient. The best thing about it is – our plants love them. The special blend of coconut coir is a paradise for our strains.  


While the dispensary often gets credit for moving in the sustainable direction, it’s also good to know that behind the scenes, there’s even more green happening.